All Things Combined

Eudaimonia Tip # 9 – Life is about habits; make sure you hone good ones!

I have a problem. When all is well in my world, my desire for writing takes a back seat. See, as some bloggers would attest, writing is therapy. For me, writing helps make sense of the spinning world around me, with all it’s unexpected twists and turns. And when there are no twists and turns? Well, then I don’t feel the urge to put fingers to keyboard.

Thanks to my new found blogging community I’m learning that writing is a discipline just like any other. I mean, I know this to be true, but to be a successful blogger one has to produce content, hopefully, interesting material, on a consistent basis, and knowing this I have a few topics that I plan to write about soon.

A lot has transpired in me since my last post. I seem to have turned a tide if you will on my outlook on life. There is still a lot to figure out, but the premise is a positive outlook.

Perhaps it had something to do with all of the mature oaks, pines, and maples chopped down throughout my condo development. Even Though I am on the board who approved this change, it was still painful to watch beautiful, mature autumn trees along with some pines go through a wood chipper as if a piece of paper going through a shredder. I was seriously out of sorts the entire day this was happening. The landscapers planted new trees a few days later, and while they will never match the splendor of the giant pin oak on the corner of my street, it gave my complex a new beginning feeling, as if I moved without all the hassle and expense of moving.  

It could be the healing that I gained from my support group which sadly ended two weeks ago. I plan on writing a separate post on how important this group of people was to me along my grief journey, so stay tuned for that.

The freedom from not participating in the holidays this year is another big load of my shoulders. I still plan to decorate and do some Christmasy things, but this is my year to skip Thanksgiving and Christmas day. There is nothing more appealing that relaxing on these days with my fur-kids wrapped up in a cozy blanket watching a good movie.

It’s an age-old adage that the only constant in life is change, and I’m learning to embrace the changes that are swirling around me. I don’t think it was just one thing that has brought me to a more energetic state of mind, but rather all things combined have helped me move forward in life.

Published by Kristine L

Lover of trees, animals and Jesus. Not in that order. Learning to be IN but not OF this world. This is not my real home. My salvation is in Christ Alone. His sacrifice and His Glory are why I can walk in peace among the chaos.

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