Organized Home, Organized Mind!

Eudaimonia Tip # 13 – An organized home helps organize our minds.

It’s the snowpocalypse of 2019 and what do you do trapped indoors for a few days as the outside becomes impassable by mountains of snow? The most obvious answer is to stay inside, bundled on the couch with your fur or human family (or both) and spend the weekend binge-watching Netflix. But that is just day one because after you binge-watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, day two becomes your independence from clutter and chaos that has been ruling your house and mind for far too long.

There is a lot of buzz about Marie’s new show on Netflix. I’ve seen several parodies and numerous articles either in favor of her methods, or those that find her ways somewhat unattainable. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and for me, watching the first season of Tidying Up was a breath of fresh air, and I believe I have found a soul sister in Marie Kondo.

The show’s title is a bit misleading. When I think of tidying up, I think of fluffing the pillows, folding the blankets, and putting the cat’s toys in their basket. Nowhere in my vocabulary does tidying up mean to pull every piece of clothing I own to create a mountain on my bed. Maybe a better title would have been House Purge Master, Life Detox, or The Big Unclutter. Okay, so those titles are not as petite and feminine as Marie.

Still, I have to say that I’m in awe of her methods. Perhaps it’s my inner neat-freak that can relate to Marie so easily. As it turns out I do most of the things she recommends. I clean by category, I go through my clothes, shoes, and accessories at least once a year, and I find boxes to put in drawers to help keep smaller items in place. Of course, the things I haven’t done, which are the real gems to the KonMari method, are sensing if an object sparks joy and thanking an item before I put it in the donate pile.

We all know that gratitude brings about a sense of contentment. For me, it’s not so much thanking the item itself, but instead thanking God for the abundance He has provided. There is nothing more satisfying than purging items to make room for the treasured ones you plan on keeping or new items you plan on adding, but taking a few minutes to be grateful for these items, whether coming or going, helps put things and life into perspective.

There is something to be said for the psychology behind a clean and organized home.  Our living environments are directly connected to the way we think and feel. If a constant mess surrounds us, then our brains will have a harder time concentrating on a single task. Simply put, an organized home helps heal and organize our minds. My guess is when you wake to a pile of dishes in the sink every  morning it causes frustration. The last thing you want to do is empty the sink before you’ve had your first sip of coffee. A simple rule to empty your sink every night will help with a better start to the morning.

Whatever your level of home keeping, you have to admit that Marie is just a delight to watch with her small stature, yet useful ability to help people make the change they need to feel better about themselves and their relationships. The only thing that I haven’t tried yet is her folding method, and while it makes sense in principle, I think it will be hard to stick with a cumbersome folding methodology. But you never know until you try, be right back while I go and refold all of my clothes pyramid style!

Published by Kristine L

Lover of trees, animals and Jesus. Not in that order. Learning to be IN but not OF this world. This is not my real home. My salvation is in Christ Alone. His sacrifice and His Glory are why I can walk in peace among the chaos.

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