Don’t Give Up, Stand Up!

Eudaimonia Tip # 19 – You have the power to overcome anything!

The ebb and flow of life is something that we all must face even while trying to improve ourselves. I mean change is hard, am I right? How many times have you taken the first step of creating a better life for yourself in any number of ways only to find one setback after another impeding your progress?

You start to consistently work out only to pull a hamstring or sprain an ankle derailing your momentum.

You finally pay off some bills, and suddenly appliances start to break left and right.

You apply for a job and get an interview only for the position to be ‘pulled’ or canceled.

It’s frustrating to want to change when at every step you are blocked by some obstacle. It’s enough to want to throw your hands in the air and wave them like a white flag, giving up any hope that things will improve.

The thing is change, life long change, is rarely executed in a straight line.

For most of my life I was a typical eater, by that I mean I could eat whatever I wanted to, from pizza, to ice cream and every bad thing in between with no symptoms or digestion issues. Going out to eat was fun and easy. I could be the girl that would enjoy beer and pizza as much as a salad and wine.

As I got older things changed. In 2012 I started to have migraines with all other manifestations that left my doctors thinking I was primed for a stroke, and I was only 38. I went to several neurologists who listened to my symptoms, ordered an MRI of my brain and concluded with a pat on the back that I have developed “chronic migraines.”  I was confused by how I went my whole life never having a migraine, and having no family history of migraines to now being the lucky one to have chronic migraines.

It’s evident to say that 2012 was a crappy year. I wasn’t sure what the next year would bring, but I knew that I wouldn’t accept the medical diagnosis of chronic migraine. It just didn’t make sense. In 2013 I went to a Holistic doctor who asked the right questions to get to the root cause of my so-called migraines. With a lot of subtracting and adding certain foods, it was discovered that I am gluten intolerant.

That’s right, no more pizza and beer, no more pasta, no more pita chips. Anything that tasted amazing is off limits, or else my symptoms to any and every degree will come rushing back like old unwanted friends.

The transition to eating gluten-free took about six months and trust me when I say I had to grieve my old eating habits, but once I did embrace a gluten-free lifestyle, all my symptoms disappeared. No more migraines, no more things going numb, no more grogginess, no more depression. No more anything. I was genuinely amazed at how food, the right food was healing me. Of course, there are gluten-free foods that attempt to mimic the gluten-filled foods, but they are not the same and are highly processed.

I’m kind of shocked to realize that I’ve been living gluten-free (and now dairy free) for six years now. It’s hasn’t all been smooth sailing. Eating out has gotten easier as more restaurants are proving gluten-free options, but the problem comes in when I eat hidden gluten or overindulge in dairy. Those proceeding days and even weeks are not fun. And there are still plenty of ways to eat unhealthy when your a gluten and dairy free person, which is why I’m in the physical mess that I’m in.

So why the history lesson? The fact is I have to watch what I eat in more ways than one, which makes life rather complicated. One slip, either welcomed or unwelcomed, can derail me for weeks if not months. It would be easy for me to give up and go down the mental path that I will never lose this excess weight, and that I will never get back to my trifecta of running, yoga and weights. I’m currently experiencing a setback that is just kicking my ass and delaying my progress and it would be very easy for me to play the victim to my food intolerances.

But that is not me, and no matter what obstacles you face that is not you either.

The fact is you will have setbacks, and there will be obstacles because this is life. BUT, and this is the exciting part, there is something in you that is bigger and stronger than anything life can throw your way. There is a desire in you to overcome. There is a “Rocky” in you that will help you achieve your dreams, even if it means lifting cans of paint instead of weights or doing sit-ups in your living room instead of going to a gym.

Know when to ask for help and seek support, but don’t wait for someone to fix all your problems for you, because at the end of the day YOU are the only one that has full control of your thoughts, your actions and your perspective on life. I’m here to tell you that you can do it. You can live a life well lived that results in pure happiness by pushing past your struggles and emerging on the other side stronger, braver and wiser than before. Remember, you are not a victim to your circumstances, but rather the victor of your life.

Published by Kristine L

Lover of trees, animals and Jesus. Not in that order. Learning to be IN but not OF this world. This is not my real home. My salvation is in Christ Alone. His sacrifice and His Glory are why I can walk in peace among the chaos.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Give Up, Stand Up!

  1. The last paragraph made me cry! What you wrote is beautiful and incredibly accurate. Thank you for the much needed reminder!


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