Look For The Dreams That Are All Around You

Eudaimonia Tip # 20 – If you stop and look, you might find your dreams have already come true.

We all dream. Whether we remember our dreams or not is another story. Those of us lucky enough to recall the bits and pieces of our dreams are left with the task of unraveling the meaning behind the cryptic images. Most dreams are nothing but poorly edited movies with no continuity and plenty of out of focus scenes.

But what about the dreams that happen, not during the night, but rather throughout our lives? Maybe you’ve called them other things like goals, aspirations, expectations, achievements, or milestones. No matter what the label you choose, the question is, are you seeing them manifested throughout your life?

At some point during my late 20’s, I started to form this image in my mind of living in a house on top of a hill writing my next best seller. Now, I read somewhere that it’s important to dream in detail. My home on the hill was an English manor style situated on the rolling greens of the English countryside. A picturesque park was within walking distance. By my side was a dog or a cat to keep me company. The major tenets of this life dream were as follows: I would be alone, but not lonely. I would be a writer, making a living off of my writing. I would have a trusty animal companion by my side.

It was only a split second when I realized that my life has manifested, in an odd and cumbersome way, into the dream I had of my future self all those years ago. I don’t live in an English style manor in England or anywhere for that matter, and I don’t write for a living. BUT, I do live in a townhome on top of a hill (it’s a small hill, but still a hill). My career, the one that pays the bills, is not writing full time (although my main form of communication is writing via email) but allows me to work from home. The flexibility of remote work followed by some rather complex life experiences has given me the desire to create my blog (the one you’re reading right now), and I’m in the process of starting a freelance gig where I get paid to write. I have my girl (dog) Friday by my side, and as a bonus, I have two adorable cats named BB and Blue to entertain me with their antics.

Did it play out exactly as I imagined? No, but I’m happy with how my life has turned out and the direction it’s headed. The fact that I am where I am today shows that God’s hand had stayed in my life even when I veered way off course many times through the years. His grace and mercy have sustained me through steady work. He has blessed me with fur-kids. He has provided food and a roof over my head, and He has given me a solitarily frustrating yet exhilarating gift of writing.

The beauty of life is our ability to dream and keep dreaming. I already have an image of my future self that I am currently working on and this time I hope to avoid long detours.

As the wise scholar, Ferris Bueller once said “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” ~ Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  Stop. Take a long hard look at where you are? Can you see it? Your dreams of today may not be an exact match to the image you had in your head five or 10 years ago, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t come true. Much like the dreams that visit us at night, the dreams we have for our life sometimes manifest themselves in different ways making them hard to detect. If you stop and look, you might find your dreams have already come true.

Published by Kristine L

Lover of trees, animals and Jesus. Not in that order. Learning to be IN but not OF this world. This is not my real home. My salvation is in Christ Alone. His sacrifice and His Glory are why I can walk in peace among the chaos.

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