Is A Holistic Doctor Right For You?

Eudaimonia Tip #22 – Every day is the right day to heal yourself on the inside

The smell of fresh cut grass, an overabundance of rain, and slowly increasing temps can only mean one thing. Spring has sprung. Here in northeast Ohio, though, spring seems to be taking its sweet ol’ time showing up. I have a feeling we may go from 55 to 85 in a week flat, skipping spring altogether. Regardless of how fast the mercury rises, we all know what comes after spring. Summer is coming.

There is nothing more terrifying than realizing your dream of a summer body is stuck in the winter months. It may be tempting to commit to wearing sweats and long sleeves all summer with the AC on high, but the goal is to dig deep and keep pressing on so that by the fall your sweats, er, clothes are loose fitting. My previous post on holistic living shows you some ways to start the process, but sometimes we need a little extra help.

It’s no secret that i’ve been struggling this year with weight loss so in March I decided to take my holistic living to the next level and found a new holistic doctor. I prefer the approach of treating the whole body to find the root cause of the symptoms rather than just popping a pill that will give me a myriad of side effects.

No doubt traditional medicine has its place in the world providing emergencies services and treatments for serious diseases, but when it comes to the good old family practitioner, there is a lot to be desired. Poor bedside manners coupled with computer time cutting into your actual visit leaves little time for real talking. When they do get to your medical concerns, they take the usual approach of “treating the symptom” without ever getting to the root cause of the problem. And then there is the cost.

In contrast, a holistic doctor will give you more one-on-one time to find out what is going on with you. Yes, they actually talk and ask you a lot of question about your life, body and ailments to figure out the best approach to resetting your system which usually starts with whole food supplements. These are not the type you get from the local drug store and can really work wonders if you let them.

Below are five tips to keep in mind if you are considering finding a holistic doctor to break out of your rut.

Your Friendly Chiropractors Office

One of the great things about holistic practices is they are also chiropractors. Having your body adjusted and aligned can provide a level of relief for specific symptoms. Make sure to check if the alignments are part of the nutritional counseling visit, or if this service is an extra fee.

Get Your Gut Right

Science is giving us a window to our second brain called the gut. The condition of your gut flora can point to a lot of your symptoms. Your holistic may start with getting your stomach right by providing detox plans to help move the sludge out to make room for the good flora.

The Process Takes Time

When you start to see a holistic doctor be prepared to see him/her regularly at fist, say every week, for about a month as they will want to monitor how your body is reacting to the supplements and nutritional recommendations.

Insurance Usually Isn’t Accepted

Unless you’re going for chiropractic services due to an accident, don’t expect insurance to cover the costs of your visit, but still, check just in case. Luckily the cost per visit is much less expensive than a traditional doctor and can range anywhere from $40 – $60 for a half hour. Although the price of supplements can add up quickly.

You Have to Be Dedicated.

Seeing a holistic doctor is only one part of the puzzle. All the whole food supplements in the world will not fix your system if you are still eating fried and greasy foods. If you are ready to move forward with your health plan then commit to following your holistic recommendations or else you are just flushing money down the drain.

Remember, every day is the right day to take care of yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. Helping your body find the right foods and supplements it needs to shed the unwanted pounds is one step on your journey to having the body and confidence you desire.

Photo by PhotoMIX Ltd. from Pexels

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