That Voice In Your Head

Eudaimonia #26 – Find the inner voice that pushes you to achieve your goals.

It is painful. It is uncomfortable. It is exhausting. But it is also intoxicating. It is exciting, and it is invigorating. It, of course, is exercise, movement, physical activity. Call it what you will, but anything that helps the body perform better and look better is a beautiful thing, no matter how painful it is along the way to achieve your goals.

Yesterday was an exceptional day. I completed day three of my couch to 5k 20 min run/walk and then decided on a bike ride.

Most people would take it slow, just getting back into a daily workout routine. I’m all for taking it slow to avoid injury or burnout while building consistency, but thanks to a parking snafu, that had me park at the Canal visitors center instead of the Frazee house next to the towpath, I ended up taking a nine-mile bike ride instead of the intended four. 

Starting wasn’t the problem. I missed the feel of riding over crushed limestone, and I marveled at how overgrown the canal had become in some places. The lushest part of the path is right past Frazee house, where I wanted to park, as the towpath bends away from the road surrounding you in nothing but nature with no cars roaring past to break the serenity. I could have turned around many times as my tracker kept spitting out each time I completed a mile, but I kept going, and going, and going. 

Why does it always seem to take longer going than the return trip? 

I finally reached my intended target, and as I made the turn on the loop to head back, I realized that, yeah, this was way too long of a ride my first time back on my bike in over a  year. My body was screaming for pushing to go all the way to the 82 bridge, as my elbows, ass, and knees all felt the pain of being on a bike for an hour. 

That ‘s when I heard it. That beautiful voice barking at me that walking my bike is not an option, that the sweat accumulating behind my knees will just have to stay there until I get back to the car, that my sore ass will thank me when my jeans slide on easier, that my wrists and elbows will survive the ride back. That my only option was to keep riding no matter how uncomfortable my body had become. 

Oh, how I missed IVy (inner voice yelling). She’s been gone for so long I almost forgot what she sounded like, but our reunion never felt so good as she showed up when needed to push me to the finish line, or in my case, my car.  As I saw the white of the visitors center peek out from the trees, I knew I had made it the full 9.22 miles round trip. Of course, the feeling of accomplishment was also coursing through my veins all thanks to IVy. 

As much as we need encouragement from others, we need to remember that we are our first source of support. No one will make us better, healthier, or fitter. All of our goals germinate from within our minds. So awaken your IVy. Find the inner voice that pushes you to achieve your goals, so you are living the life you truly want to live. 

Photo by Philipp M from Pexels

Published by Kristine L

Lover of trees, animals and Jesus. Not in that order. Learning to be IN but not OF this world. This is not my real home. My salvation is in Christ Alone. His sacrifice and His Glory are why I can walk in peace among the chaos.

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